Geographical Indication

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What is Geographical Indication (GI) ?

It is an indication of a product origination from a geographical territory, in respect of agricultural, natural or manufactured goods, which are produced in that territory and possess a special quality, reputation and many other characteristics. These characteristics, however, must be new, distinct, uniform and stable which distinguish the product from other products.

Key Advantages of Copyrights
Benefits of registration of geographical indications:

  • It confers legal protection to Geographical Indications in India
  • Prevents unauthorized use of a Registered Geographical Indication by others
  • It provides legal protection to Indian Geographical Indications which in turn boost exports.
  • It promotes economic prosperity of producers of goods produced in a geographical territory.
Some of the examples of the Indian GI are Alphanso Mango, Darjeeling Tea, Nagpur Orange, and Kolhapuri Chappal.

What are the Examples of protected Indian treasures?

  • Darjeeling Tea
  • Pochampalli Ikat
  • Chanderi Fabric
  • Kotpad Handloom Fabric
  • Kota Doria
  • Kancheepuram Silk
  • Mysore Agarbathi
  • Bhavani Jamakkalam

What are the effects of registration?

  • Confers legal protection;
  • Prevents unscrupulous traders from taking undue advantage by misrepresentation and
  • Misleading the consumers ;
  • Prevents unauthorised use ;
  • Ensures consumer Protection as they get genuine goods
  • Promotes economic prosperity

What is the Procedure for filing a GI application?

  • Application must be made in triplicate.
  • GI related map of the region should be provided in three certified copies.
  • The application shall be signed by the applicant or its legal representative must be accompanied by a statement of case.
  • The statement should clearly mention how the quality of the product is contributable due to its Geographical origin.
  • Details of the special characters and of the standers should be mentioned.
  • Details should be given mentioning the human skills involved or uniqueness of the environmental condition or the inherent characteristics related to the application.
  • Applications should be given including the address. Collective reference should be made for a large number of producers and they will be registered accordingly.

Is the registration perpetual?

Yes the registration is perpetual. GI application, once registered is valid initially for 10 years and is to be renewed for every 10 years. Registration will be lapsed / cancelled if the renewal, is not made within 6 months of its due date.