IPR Laws

Intellectual Property (IP) Definition

Intellectual property law is defined as an intangible form of property, IP is the results of the creation of brain or the mind which is manifested in a form of physical existence and possessed also the exclusive property rights. Like- images, symbols name, design, industrial process and business method used in commerce, inventions musical work, software etc.

What is Intellectual Property (IP) Law?

This is the wide area of law which deals about the creation of intellectual property patents, copyrights and Trademarks and also trade secret laws .Intellectual property law also called the weapon for protection of intellectual Protection of intellectual property rights and preventing infringement of the intellectual properties .It covered several other areas of law like patent law, contract law, law of trade mark, tort law and also litigation.

Copyrights and patents are governed by the U.S. Federal and state law i.e. Constitution and Congressional legislature deal with the Trade Mark, not only that Intellectual Property Law is evolving extra ordinary complex areas we have searches that many attorneys who have received the necessary extra education in Patent and Trade Mark Law which is the distinguishing feature who distinguishes themselves as specialist in the area of Intellectual Property Law.

International law governed Federal and international treaty laws and that is why they do not oversee trade secrets, in the period from era of the revolutionary invention “internet” we use this invention as worldwide and that is why World Wide Web, comes the unfortunate ease of appropriating other people creative products, works, ideas. To deal with this new threat, Intellectual Property right and laws must be addressed at international level and co-operation between countries have to necessary for the protection of these rights and governing this area.

Some International Organizations are mentioned below who deals and develops and communicate other international or domestic properties such as – ABA –Intellectual property law section that develops the intellectual property law.
American Intellectual Property law Association (AIPLA)-It is the national bar association constituted primarily of intellectual property lawyers in private and corporate practices and there are more or less 1600 members.

Intellectual Property law server-It is the online service founded in 1997 and also makes approximately 15 million pages per year for providing information about intellectual property law which covered patent, trade mark, copyright act etc.
Office of the Administrator for external affairs- It is an administrative office where it governed by Secretary of commerce, the President of United Stated for the protection of IP.

And also other offices are under mentioned who deals and develops and prevent any type of violation in the range of Intellectual Property Laws. Such as –

  • Office of the United States Trade Representative
  • United States Patent and Trade Mark Office
  • American intellectual Property Law association.
  • Intellectual property association.
  • Intellectual Property Owners Association