What is Lexitag?

At LEX ITAG we conduct an extensive Legal Audit/ Due Diligence for the Companies which are a necessary tool for effective portfolio management. The Legal audit/ Due Diligence conducted by our firm have a twofold object depending on the requirement of the prospective company which is as under:

Legal Compliance

Our team conducts an extensive Legal Audit and related activities which acquaint Company with its various legal obligations. We help the Company in assessing whether such obligations are being met properly in accordance with the law of the land or not. In case there are drawbacks then what are the remedies available what are the risk factors involved in case of such non compliances etc. All this protects the Company, the Directors etc. from adverse legal proceedings.

In this area our services include, but are not restricted to:
Comprehensive Legal Audit
Vetting and Analysis of documents, agreements, and material contracts
Analyzing issues relating to Human Resources
Analyzing issues relating to Properties which includes title searches
Analyzing issues relating to Intellectual property
Analyzing issues relating to Litigation
Any other issues as applicable depending upon the particular area of trade

At LEX ITAG we understand that skilful navigation through unfamiliar situation, prospective partner, laws and regulations, treaties, customs and tariffs, bureaucracy, language barriers and unknown business practices is critical to an organization’s success in the global marketplace. To minimize such risks and to avail the best out of opportunity we provide our clients with strategic legal advice with a view to narrow down the risk. We undertake due diligence exercise of business, legal and financial affairs of corporate bodies and helps clients to assess business proposals identify possible legal problems, thus help clients in taking informed corporate decisions.