Writ Jurisdiction -

Our Advocates and Legal Counsels are well versed in dealing with various types of Writ Matters both before the Supreme Court of India as well as the High Courts all over the country.

A writ is an order by a court, directing lower courts to either do something or not do something. The concept of a writ was first developed by the Anglo-Saxons in England. The Monarch would issue letters which held orders and directions. Since then, writs have been incorporated by various countries into their legal systems. India has also done so, empowering the Supreme Court and the High Courts to issue such writs.

Writs under Indian law are prerogative writs, a subset of writs, which are issued as an extraordinary remedy for aggrieved persons. The power to issue prerogative writs has been granted by the Constitution under Article 266 to the High Courts and to the Supreme Court under Article 32. It is a discretionary power which means that the High Court may or may not issue a writ.

In Writ Jurisdiction, our services include -

  • Habeas Corpus
  • Mandamus
  • Prohibition
  • Certiorari
  • Quo-Warranto